An Ode To Munich’s Vegan Kebab

This post is originally from May 2016. Click here for the original link.

I had never eaten a kebab until last week.

That is, I have had some bread and potato substitute thing that said it was a kebab, but nothing that actually looked like your standard meaty doner kebab in the regular sense.

Having no desire to eat meat, this has never really phased me, but after enough nights out that ended with all my friends going to the kebab shop and having a massive feast and me looking sadly down at my little portion of chips, I’ve always been interested in trying one.

All that changed when I came to  Munich and discovered that half way in between the ZOB bus station and Munich’s Haupbanhoff (central station) there is a fully vegetarian and optionally vegan kebab shop! It’s called Royal Kebabhaus and you really need to try it.

I walked past it on my first day in Munich, but as I had a massive backpack and no idea where I was going it was only on the third day when nursing a slight hangover after yet another very strange night in Germany (see my next post) I decided to visit it.

The guys there speak limited English and the service takes a little longer than you’d expect, but they are really nice and the kebab is so worth it. They have a proper rotisserie and everything looks like what you would find in a regular kebab shop, but they use seitan rather than meat. They also have a selection of salads and other options.

They give you salad, sauce, and chili with it and it is really really nice, so nice in fact I got another one on my last day. It’s around €5.50, which is neither overly cheap or expensive, but the portions are really big and it’s filling enough to sustain you for at least half a day.

It is literally the best thing you could eat when you’re hungover. I’m sure meat eaters are fully aware of the wonders of the doner kebab, but this is a brand new revelation for me. This thing, so simple and yet so wonderful, has completely made my day if not my year. I want to sing about it in the shower and shout it from the rooftops. I love this kebab!

They have a similar restaurant in Brighton, England, but it’s not quite the same. I recently tried to create this kebab from home and, whilst it was still good, nothing has ever compared to this vegan kebab from Munich. If you’re in the area and you’re a vegan or a vegetarian (or just an open-minded omnivore) then I urge you to visit this kebab place.

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