My Time In Munich

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Munich is a truly beautiful place.

Although a lot of it was destroyed during World War 2, they rebuilt most of the city to look like its former self and so, although many of the buildings are new, the architecture looks authentic and old with only the very occasional tower block to spoil the otherwise fantastic view. Munich has basically been completely re-built, but it looks untouched.

You have wonderfully big parks, massive churches, city walls, fountains, lots and lots of pubs, free music events, art galleries and even outdoor surfing. Before I went to Munich, all I really knew about it was the Degenerate and Great German art exhibitions (see my next post), but I fell in love with this city and hope I will be able to visit it again in the future.

There were, however, some rather strange moments in Munich.

The Man From Munich

My first day, much like in Cologne, was quite uneventful. Although my hostel (Wombats) was literally right opposite the Hauptbahnhof station when I first got to Munich my map confused me so I walked straight past it and down some long street until eventually realizing and having to go all the way back, all with my massive backpack. But I eventually found it.

Although it didn’t have a kitchen, it did have a bar with relatively cheap beer and a communal area with a glass ceiling and an outdoor patio feel about it.

I stayed in an eight bedroom dorm and, as with the other big rooms I’ve stayed in, it was harder to meet people than it is in the smaller dorms. Most of my roommates didn’t really talk outside of their little groups. It’s strange because you would think in theory the more people you stay with the more people you would meet, but that’s just not the case.

I did meet a guy from South Korea who told me about the nightlife in that country and a guy on a stag do in a pink wig though.

On my first full day in Munich, I wandered around the city a lot, found some really pretty gardens, and took lots of photos.

Then when I was walking back to my hostel at about 6 pm (the bar opens at about 5 and I wanted some nachos), I stumbled upon this outdoor gig in the mainMarian Platz part of the city. The gig was in German, but I was intrigued so I bought a beer and watched for a while.

Did I mention it rained pretty much the entire time I was in Munich? Well that day was no exception, so before too long it started to pour and I was huddled under my hoodie. Just when I was about to leave, this guy in this brown jumper started talking to me and asked if I wanted to get a drink.

Now I hadn’t met anyone in Munich so far and yes the male stripper incident had made me slightly weary, but this guy meant in a proper bar with witnesses and such, so I said yes and we proceeded to run to this Irish bar a few streets away.

And the guy seemed nice and normal and we drank massive tankards of German beer and he taught me that I was mispronouncing pretty much everything I was trying to say in German. This guy really wanted to go to a club and, because I figured I should see some of Munich’s nightlife and I didn’t know anyone else, I said yes.

And that’s when things got a bit strange.

The guy said he loved me, after about two hours of knowing me, and that he would move to Berlin or Italy, or London or wherever I wanted to live.

Understandably I think, this properly freaked me out so I tried to explain that telling strangers you love them just isn’t the done thing. He said in Arabic there isn’t a difference between the words for love and like, and seemed to calm down a bit so I stayed for a bit longer, but then I was getting tired so we went back to Marienplatz and to Hauptbahnhof.

And that’s when he started crying.


So I tried to comfort this dude whilst also trying to stress that I wasn’t looking for marriage, love or a relationship. Eventually, I got back to my hostel and had to send him the dreaded “you’re nice… But let’s just be friends” message on Facebook.

It wasn’t quite what I was expecting on my Friday night.

The guy was actually really nice and I’m glad I met him, but I do think that some people need to try a bit harder to establish a foundation and work up to this stuff, not just expect it to happen. It doesn’t work.
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