Europe By Bus | Day Two | Berlin

October 25th, 2016.  Click here to see the original website
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I’m amazed I actually got here, to be honest.
I’d stayed in Cologne before back in May so I figured I was an expert by now and nothing could go wrong. It’s true that I know my way about central Cologne pretty well (it’s pretty small) so I got to the Hauptbahnoff in no time.

Unfortunately I forgot which train would take me back to the airport where my bus to Berlin would be leaving from and of course all the announcements were in German so like some idiot I ran around the station a few times, realised I had been in the right platform all along, got on the wrong train and ended up at the airport 15 minutes late.

Most buses are depressingly punctual and the next available bus wasn’t until 10 at night so I was feeling quite despondent as I walked to the long distance bus station without any real hope, but by some insane luck my bus was as late as I was and I got a window seat with no one sitting next to me !

It seems I’m destined to have screaming children behind me forever. Two times in two days is way too much. This time the child didn’t kick but he made up for it by screaming and whimpering for eight hours with only brief moments of peace and I only found out when we were leaving the bus that it had actually been two babies all along.

I got the Post Bus to Berlin which was actually nicer and more comfortable than a Mega Bus but they didn’t let us off once so if you don’t bring food you are doomed to starve.

When I actually got to Berlin it turned out the S trains weren’t running due to some pretty massive engineering works and so I ended up hopping onto a random bus (no one asked me to pay so I’m assuming it was free..?)  to the Hauptbahnhof and then when I finally got to the right place being me I was on the wrong side of the street and ended up wondering around this art gallery strip before realising I wasn’t staying there.

I’m in a four person dorm and yet again all my roommates are men. I’m not sure if men are more likely to come to Germany in the autumn or what but there does a seem to be way more men than women in the hostels in general.

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