Europe By Bus | Days 17-18 | Brasov, Transylvania

Day 3 In  Brasov, Transylvania






Today turned out to be a bit of a fail if I’m honest.

I’d planned to go to Bran Castle (I know it doesn’t have much to do with actual Dracula, but it just seems like something you should do when you’re in Romania) so I walked to the bus stop and waited to see a bus with the word ‘Bran’ on it.

And I waited, and  I waited. 

This was a very cold day and my fingers got all numb and still, no bus came. It took far, far too long to realize that I was at Autogart 1 and the buses to Bran depart from Autogart 2. Augart 2 is about 30 minutes walk from August 1.

I know I could’ve got a taxi there, but by that point, my fingers were utterly numb, my phone was nearly dead and the weather was actually horrific so I just got a taxi back to the hostel in defeat.

After contemplating my utter failure at life (and after putting on the warmest socks I could find), I ventured out again to one of Brasov’s only vegetarian-friendly restaurants. It’s called Simone’s and it’s awesome.

They gave me a lovely warm alcoholic drink which warmed my bones (I can’t tell you how much I needed that drink!), along with some vegetarian Quesadillas and a warm place to use the wifi (whose password was vegans do it better!) and catch up with work.


I was considerably cheered after that and so I  ended up deciding it would be a great idea to walk up the mountain which provides Brasov with its iconic ‘spooky’ look.  

I decided it would be a good idea to walk up the mountain to try and reach the ‘Brasov’ Hollywood style sign.

There’s meant to be some awesome views of Brasov from that sign, and it was only meant to take about 45 minutes or so to the top.

This was not a good idea.




I misjudged how dark it was getting so and I ended up a quarter of the way up the mountain when it became evident that it would be dark by the time I reached the top.

There are also meant to be wolves, bears and other creatures living on that mountain. I actually came across some ‘tame’ wolf-like creatures in someones back yard, so after that, I descended down the mountain pretty quickly.

It’s a shame I didn’t get to climb to the top, but the mixture of pitch darkness, wild animals, and slippery slopes may not have made it the most advisable pastime.

If you go during the spring/summer you should definitely climb to the top, but even if I didn’t make it all the way I’m still glad I at least attempted it and wasn’t eaten by wolves in the process! 

The cold weather and early nightfall make Brasov a little difficult in the off-season, but I just can’t imagine this place in sunny weather. The chilling cold mixed in with the barren trees, fog and general darkness is what made Brasov look like the Transylvania of my dreams. It was exactly what I thought it would be and yet so much more at the same time.

I can’t imagine what it would be like with the sun shining and people sunbathing.  It would feel wrong.

Up until this day I had been the only person in an eight person dorm, so imagine my horror when I got back and found not one but two people in my room!

Whilst the prospect of having to share again wasn’t exactly welcoming after a much-needed break from human beings, it was nice to actually speak to a person again. I met a really nice Australian guy who I ended up going to Bran castle with, but I’ll leave that for the next post.

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