Europe By Bus | Days 25-27 | Vienna, Austria

The Roommate From Hell

I’m going to tell you an uncomfortable truth. Girls snore.

I’ve stayed in many hostels during the past year or so and 99% of the time it’s fine. You may see more than your share of boys in boxers and you do occasionally get some creeps but, for the most part, you either meet people and have a good time or you just get a good nights sleep and explore on your own.

I stayed in Vienna City Hostel which has since closed down. The hostel was fairly nice in that Travelodge kind of way. It didn’t feel like your typical funky yet grimy hostel, and it didn’t have a particular social vibe either, but it did have a large dining area, the beds were comfortable, and it was close to the city center.

Those sorts of hostels always feel a little sterile to me, but it can be nice if you rank comfort and functionality over the vibe and character of a place.

I didn’t really speak to any of my roommates, which was fine as I was only in Vienna for two days and wasn’t too fussed about making friends, but I certainly heard one of my roommates.

Oh, I heard them.

I can deal with snoring most of the time. All you really need to do is crank up the Spotify sleep playlist, pop in your earphones and ignore the noise. Unfortunately, a few people have the ability to transcend all boundaries with their snoring.  Their snores are determined to be heard.

I was staying in a girls only dorm, so it was definitely a girl whose rumbling noises kept me up half the nights. I literally almost climbed up to her bunk and shook her, but I thought better of it as I didn’t particularly want to add a broken nose to my list of complaints.

I think I managed to get to bed around 3: am, but to this date, that night in Vienna is the worst night I have ever spent in a hostel. Remember: a girls dorm does not guarantee a peaceful nights sleep!

The Free Walking Tour

I always recommend you go on a walking tour when traveling alone to a new city as you will get to see most of the ‘must-see’ sights, you’ll learn how to navigate the city and where everything is, and you’ll always learn something new. Walking tours are especially important if you’re only in the city for a few days.

The only things  I knew about Austria before visiting Vienna were from the Sound of Music (which isn’t a lot apart from mountains and singing nuns), and I still don’t know nearly as much as I would like, but I did gain some small insights into the city even though I was only there for a few days, and that is pretty much just because of the walking tour.

I went with Good Tours Vienna, and the guide took us around the city, showed us the monument against war and fascism, talked to us about contemporary politics in Austria (at that time they didn’t have a political figurehead as one guy got slightly more votes than the other but the less popular contestant demanded a recount), we went into the grounds of a palace, and saw many beautiful buildings and monuments.

We also got a free paper guide to the Christmas Markets in Vienna, which is something I recommend you take a look at if you’re planning a trip in November or December.



I also found a raw vegan cafe called Dancing Shiva Superfoods. I’m not vegan and I don’t follow a raw diet, but whenever I find one of these places in a foreign country I like to go and soak up all the health. This place also serves an amazing raw vegan cheesecake.


These two characters were another highlight from Vienna.



Keep your eyes peeled for the final part of this trip as well as a few pieces of exciting news!

8 Replies to “Europe By Bus | Days 25-27 | Vienna, Austria”

  1. Looks beautiful! I also love doing free walking tours when I visit a new city – it’s such a good way to find out a bit more about where you are and to get your bearings!

    Also SO sympathise with you about the snorer haha – it’s the worst!

  2. Ugh this is why I don’t like hostels! Sleep is so important to me so I don’t know how you managed to survive with the snorer!
    And walking tours are such a good idea! I’ll have to look out for one on my next trip 😀

  3. Even though I always see good things about hostels. It’s stuff like this that makes me not want to stay in one. Glad you got to eventually fall asleep. Thanks for the tips about Vienna.

  4. Do it! Vienna is really nice, and I hear some other places in Austria are well worth a visit too. 98% of the time your roommates won’t snore too badly, unfortunately you just never know when one is going to strike 😛

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