Introducing The Flying Vegetarian!


I have some exciting news! From the 17th of August until the 14th of September I will be traveling around the United States of America. I have never visited America before so I would be grateful for any tips you may have for my trip.

This blog is all about land based travel in Europe.  I love this niche and I am going to continue updating Europe By Bus, but my American trip doesn’t really fit in. I want to keep this blog all about Europe and all about land based travel, so I have created a new blog which will focus on travels further afield.  

This blog will also focus on vegetarian travel and vegan travel. I am a Lacto vegetarian, which means that I don’t eat egg, meat or fish, so I’ll keep you updated with the best places to eat as a vegetarian or vegan.

It would be great if you could subscribe to my new blog, or at least have a look at it, and please keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Wish me luck!

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